AVANT & APRÉS (Blues 1)

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Pour la musique aussi, il y a un «avant» et un «après»…

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“The House Of The Rising Sun” TEXAS ALEXANDER (vocal), Lonnie Jonhson & Eddie Lang (guitare), 15 novembre 1928



“House of rising sun”- JIMI HENDRIX, 1972


 “Cocaine Blues” LUKE JORDAN (vocal, guitare), 16 août 1927

“Cocaine Blues” Rev. GARY DAVIS (vocal, guitare), 1963/68


Gary Davis

I hear a boy say I'm going uptown

I'm gonna hurry back

He said, my baby's got something

I sure do lack What is it?

He said, cocaine

Gettin' all around my brain


Said, see that woman yonder coming

Dressed in black?

What's the matter?

I believe to my soul

She's gonna take me back

Cocaine, all around my brain


Here's somebody draggin',

Can't hardly make it

Said, you oughtta been dead

Long time ago

Snuffin' cocaine up the head

Cocaine, all around my brain


Here come a man with a pretty girl

Talk about your good gal

You oughtta see mine

She ain't so pretty

But she do dress fine



Here's a fellow done got too much of it,

You understand, about to kill him

He said, run here baby,

Please, ma'am, run here quick

This cocaine is just about to make me sick



That's one of them old-time playing, you see?


One of these mornings, it won't be long

You're gonna wake up and call for me

And I'll be gone

Wants to get something, now


It done got all around my brain


Here come a high, tall person

All you people ought to be like me

Drink that good corn whiskey

Let the cocaine be



That fellow got some sense, he wants some­thing to do him good, not to kill him, you understand?


« Cocaine »  ERIC CLAPTON   



“On The Road Again” THE MEMPHIS JUG BAND, Will Shade (guitare, vocal), Charlie Burse (guitare, vocal), inconnu (kazoo), 11 septembre 1928



“On The Road Again”  CANNED HEAT, 1968  


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