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Art of improvisation

Je republie ce concert...
Il y aura 43 ans en décembre prochain.
Obsédant !
Je l'écoute quotidiennement, même dans ma voiture...
Part I, 45 minutes, quand je débute le morceau, je ne peux plus l'arrêter...
Même si le repas est servi, je ne passerai à table que dans 45 minutes...
Pourquoi ??
Keith Jarrett Solo
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
December 12, 1978
FM source version

01 Part I [0:00]
02 intermission announcement (japanese) [45:51

03 Part II [46:06
04 Encore: My Song [1:20:36]
05 final applause & announcement fragment [
"Solo concert at Budokan in 1978 was the one of the good examples of those challenges. At that time, it was reckless of Koinuma to have promoted a concert of a jazz player, in itself at the biggest venue known by the appearances of pop and rock music superstar in the world, however, considering that there had been no problems about acoustics before at the recital of a noted pianist of classic music, Koinuma had sounded Mr. Jarrett on this project, and he had taken a decisive step to play at Budokan. Usually, a stage will be set at the one of the four corners of the colosseum style hall (10,000 people admitted), but Koinuma set up a stage at the center of the hall and there had never been such a concert that 12,000 audience had been listening to his acoustic sound, surrounding Keith Jarrett. At the moment a dead silence fell over the audience, just before the opening of the concert, the air-conditioner of the venue discovered to be felt as a noise, had been immediately stopped. The audience had been satisfied with his performance in the genuine silence in the middle of cold winter."

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